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Buzzinn is the voice of Generation Z.

Born to bridge the gap between generations that has been created in recent years, due to the disruptive technologies that are constantly changing our way of consuming, innovating and seeing the world.

As we are non-conformist by nature, we want to make the world a better place for everyone. A place where we understand each other and complement each other.

And how do we do all this? Well, how could it be otherwise … through #innovation and #digitaltransformation, helping companies to validate their ideas with our community and make products, services and experiences that add value in the lives of Z’s.

Violets is a short film producer that focuses on detecting problems concerning feminism in small towns around the province of Barcelona.

 We turn them into stories starred by the citizens of these towns where we make intangible concepts understandable, being our main goal for the audience to act differently in those situations. 

We want change, education, and this is our way to prove women rights are equal.

The biggest European hackathon is now coming to the beautiful city of Barcelona. JunctionX Barcelona is a 48-hour non-profit hackathon perfect for developers, entrepreneurs, designers and people with creative minds.

Junction is a global hackathon and tech community, spreading the word of empowering people to create with technology. The JunctionX program was created for local tech communities around the world to have a way to create their own hackathon, and bring developers, designers and all other techies together. All JunctionX events are individual events created by the local community, supported by Junction.

In a world full of information can be difficult to focus on the meaningful data and take good decision based on the general picture. That is why on Neat we help companies to visualize their data by creating infographics.


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